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Dangers of Wearing Contact Lenses Without Visiting Your Eye Care

Why You Need an Eye Exam for Contact Lenses in Lee’s Summit, MO

contact on fingerNot all contact lenses are equal. They come in different sizes, powers and materials, as well as different wearing schedules to meet the unique needs of every individual. How can you figure out which type of contact lenses are best for your eyes? In short, you can’t!

The wrong fit or type of contact lenses can threaten the lasting health of your eyes and eyesight. Therefore, you need to visit a qualified eye care professional before and after purchasing your new contact lenses in Lee’s Summit, MO. Your eye doctor will determine the correct fit and type of lenses for your vision and lifestyle.

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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses in Lee’s Summit

Congratulations on your decision to give contact lenses a try! In addition to crisp vision and a wider field of view, contact lenses offer supreme comfort and convenience. Now that you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to visit your eye doctor for a contact lens eye exam.

Your vision prescription for contact lenses will not always be the same as the lens powers of your eyeglasses, and our Lee’s Summit optometrist will confirm your precise prescription. Additionally, we will inspect your eyes for any conditions that could affect wearing contacts, such as dry eye syndrome. After checking your eye health, we’ll take detailed measurements to ensure that your contact lenses fit right. We’ll measure your corneal curvature and the size of your pupil or iris.