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What To Tell Our Eye Doctor

If you've got an eye exam penciled in for some time soon, there are a number of things you can do to be extra prepared for it. If you want to guarantee that your exam is effective and worthwhile, there are several things we will need from you.

Firstly, it is of great importance to let us know about any current health problems you are experiencing because your eyes can be affected by changes in your body. What are the sorts of conditions we'd need to be informed of? Here are some examples: pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even something which may seem trivial, like allergies. If you are taking any medications, you should let us know what you're taking, because drugs, whether they're prescription or not, can alter your vision.

Things like drinking or smoking can have a negative effect on your eyes, so if these are a part of your lifestyle, tell us about it. In addition, we'll examine what you're actually using your eyes for. Are you a student who does a lot of reading? Being aware of these facts will really make it simpler for us to choose your vision correction needs.

And if you have any eye diseases effecting members of your family, it's vital that you inform us, because a number of them are hereditary. It's much less complicated to look out for certain signs when we already know which conditions you're susceptible to.

Give us a call if you observe any changes to your sight including blurriness, fatigue, flashes of light, spots and double vision. We will get to bottom of the source of the condition, and figure out the most appropriate treatment. Remember to bring your most recent pair of glasses along to the exam. Glasses give us information about your eyes, even if you're a contact lens wearer. Together, we will discover the most efficient way to resolve your eye needs.

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